How can your careers services help me?

Pivotal HR offers a range of career services for individuals, from helping job seekers and graduates to identify future career paths, to skills training services, as well as individual coaching and careers assistance.


What coaching options does Pivotal HR have for individuals?

A number of coaching options are available for individuals through Pivotal HR. Coaching services include graduate/student, career direction, resumé, interview and promotion coaching.


What other services are available for job seekers?

Through Pivotal HR, individual job seekers can also gain assistance and information for discovering the hidden job market, utilising career resources and templates, and many other professional development options.


What HR services does Pivotal HR offer for organisations?

Pivotal HR offers a comprehensive range of HR services for organisations. Pivotal HR specialises in HR set up and support for small to medium businesses. Other HR services offered by Pivotal HR include policies development, role definition, staff appraisals, leadership training and recruitment services.


Which personality and skills assessments does Pivotal HR offer?

There are over 300 personality and skills assessments available through Pivotal HR. Personality assessments include Apollo, NEO and SHL personality tests. Pivotal HR also offers skills assessments such as verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning assessments, as well as IT assessments including skills tests for Microsoft Office, Java, networking and other aptitude tests.


Will Pivotal HR administer the tests?

You can choose to have Pivotal HR administer the tests. Pivotal HR can also write a full report based on the job description and assessment.


How can I contact Pivotal HR?

You can contact Jill Noble directly on 0403 889 917, or Register Now with Pivotal HR online.