Looking for a new career or the opportunity for promotion?Not sure where your career is headed?Do you need assistance with interview techniques or resumé writing?

Through Pivotal HR, members receive access to coaching in interview skills, resumé writing, and networking. Services are offered for those approaching graduation and in need of future career advice, as well as those seeking skills required for a new promotion. Successful salary negotiation is yet another skill for which Pivotal HR can offer assistance. English language skills assistance and many other general professional development opportunities are also available.

Moreover, Pivotal HR offers specialised training and advice in discovering the hidden job market. This is essential for job seekers in the current employment market. If you are struggling to find the right career through job boards or agencies, this is the advice you require. Equally, you can benefit from Pivotal HR’s skills analysis, in order to find which job is perfect for you.

At Pivotal HR, Jill Noble utilises her years of education and experience in the human resources industry to assist job seekers in their search for the ideal career. The author of three career books published by Tribus Lingua, Jill is also a member of numerous career assist organisations including the Career Development Association of Australia. She has completed numerous postgraduate qualifications including a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Training and Development. Furthermore, she has 15 years experience in recruitment and careers counselling. With such outstanding experience under her belt, Jill is able to offer the best possible advice to anyone seeking career advice.

Stop struggling in the job market, register with Pivotal HR and succeed.