Membership with Pivotal HR offers a range of benefits for job seekers.

Through membership with Pivotal HR, job seekers can access a range of online coaching options. Coaching opportunities include graduate, networking, and promotion coaching. You can also receive access to training information in resume writing and interview skills, as well as English language skills training. Career direction advice is also available on request to support the information available in the membership site, as is advice for discovering the hidden job market. Individuals can also receive training information on salary negotiation, as well as many other professional development options. Pivotal HR also offers many resources and templates for use by job seekers and individuals seeking career utilities when they register online.

These resources, including detailed articles, have been developed based on the knowledge and experience of Jill Noble, writer of three career books, successful keynote speaker, and trainer. Jill has 15 years’ experience in HR, recruitment and careers counselling, and holds postgraduate qualifications in a range of areas including career training and development, and employee communications. With such experience and knowledge behind them, you can be assured that the resources available through membership with Pivotal HR are of the utmost standard.

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  • Graduate Coach
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