Want to add more rigor to your hiring?

Pivotal's Testing Capability provides a suite of scientifically validated testing tools including personality, IQ, EQ, Microsoft Office and IT technical tests to small to medium businesses.

More than 25% of Australia's biggest companies use psychometric tools and pre-employment tests in their selection processes. So, if you are recruiting and want to use a cost effective suite of tools but don't have the expertise in-house, then Pivotal HR can help.

How it can work for your company?

You can choose to have Pivotal HR administer the test for you and your in-house HR can interpret the results. Pivotal HR will write a full report based on the job description which is easy for you to understand.

Products and Services

  • Apollo, NEO or SHL personality tests
  • IT technical tests from ReviewNet.net – perfect for the small to medium IT Business (over 300 IT product tests available)
  • ACER IQ tests (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning) various norms available

IT Testing

  • Objectively assess the technical skills of new recruits
  • Verifying a candidate's self-assessment of their technical skills
  • Obtain verified, relevant information about the technical skills of your existing team
  • Identify technical strengths & weakness in your team
  • Perform a job analysis for each team member to ensure an appropriate job fit
  • Assist non-technical managers in performance appraisals of technical staff

Who can benefit?

Companies or recruitment firms who want to attract, recruit, screen and interview candidates skills on a wide variety of technologies. IT Managers, who want to test, train, develop and retain personnel on a wide variety of technology skills.

Pricing (per candidate)

  • Psychometric report for recruitment $450
  • Candidate feedback $220
  • IT Technical tests (Networking, Java,.Net etc.) $350
  • Microsoft Office tests $300
  • IQ/Aptitude tests (suite of 3) $300
  • Other test prices available on request

What's involved?

Over 300 tests can be chosen from, or depending on the skill set a technical test can be customised for your needs. Candidates log in online and complete the questions. Cost: Technical test (10-40 questions) $350

Comprehensive reports are provided. Managers or interviewers receive a comprehensive report enabling them to drill down into the answers given for each question and see how each candidate compares to other candidates assessed.

To use testing when next hiring or developing staff contact Jill on 0403 889 917